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We do not accept donations for the support of this web site. If you would like to support us financially, and support our pay it forward cause as well, we prefer you to buy a random acts of kindness bumper sticker or Give away a T-shirt bought through this site. You can support our site even better by emailing this website to your friends.

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<a href=""> Lift your Spirit. Practice random acts of kindness</a> When you start sending us traffic we will eventually return the favor. Now and then we look at our server files to see which sites send us some of their visitors. Below is our directory of web sites that support our site by sending us traffic. If your link to us is on a web page that actually gets traffic, change is that some of your visitors will click on that link and visit one of our entertainment sites. It does not matter to which of our family fun web sites you link, if we detect your traffic in our logs we will consider placing a link to you here.

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