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Divx is the name of a popular compressed video format. Just like the MP3 format which is now the most popular format for music downloads. If you haven't installed the latest divx video player yet, just visit our partner site Free divx downloads or buy professional DIVX software.

More players and other software for divx can be found at Gromkov's software.

While there are plenty of trailers and free movies that you can download, many other movie downloads are more difficult to find. The size of full length movies, even in divx format, is still large enough to make it unprofitable for sites to provide long online movies. Many sites that claim to have lots of free full length movies just try to scam you into signing up for another (x-rated) movie site with a membership fee, for which they get an affiliate payment. When you find out that they hardly have any free movies to download, it's too late. They have your money and you still have nothing but a membership for a site with x-rated movies.

So, if you are serious about downloading movies just searching the World Wide Web will not get you anywhere. You can try one of the Napster style peer-to-peer file exchange programs, but again you'll find many of the movies there are bad quality or simply hoaxes. Your best bet is to use Internet chat sites to contact other movie fans with similar interests and find some that live in your area.

If you are looking for more movie sites, please visit our links page. Currently links to sites with bloopers and funniest videos are still on our general links page.

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