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Our Link Strategy.

Like every webmaster, we'd like to improve our ranking on the search engines and receive lots of traffic. But I know this is not as easy as most web masters believe. While reciprocal linking is currently the most important strategy to improve your web site's search engine ranking, how will you know if your current reciprocal linking strategy is really effective? And, how do you know if your link exchange partner is reliable

Link exchange with a good partner should not only improve your search engine ranking, it should also bring you direct targeted traffic from your partner's site. If your return link is in a massive link directory with many similar links, you will never get that direct traffic. And, you will most likely also not get a significant boost to your page ranking, because the search engines often reduce the importance of any links in these link farms.

So, for me any request for link exchange that clearly comes from an automated link directory immediately disappears in the rubbish bin.

Relevant links.

Our current link strategy is based on the importance of text links on pages with relevant content. A web site that has an incoming link from another web page with good content, relevant to the link, will get a much higher boost in their search engine ranking than a web site that has a reciprocal link exchange using link pages. And, a link to my web hosting site from a page about web hosting also brings in visitors interested in link exchange.

As we have many web sites with good search engine ranking, we can often offer you a link back from another web site with a similar topic. That way, we both have the advantage of a high-quality one-way link.

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