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How to improve your link popularity.

Improving your ranking on the search engines and receiving high quality traffic are every web master's dream. To help you realise this dream and help you with your reciprocal link exchange, we set up this link swap site.

Link exchange is one of the best ways to improve your site's traffic. You can use it to get direct traffic from your link partners or just to improve your ranking. Unfortunately, however, most link exchanges offered by other web sites only offer low quality reciprocal links. Read our link exchange primer to find out more.

We offer you a high quality link exchange, either to improve your search engine ranking, or to generate direct traffic; it's your choice. If your link is of high quality, we'll match it or improve on it.

Our Link Exchange offer

If you have a high-ranking web site, ( with "quality link exchange" as the subject) to tell us the URL of your web site and we'll suggest possible link exchanges with our web sites. This offer is only valid for high quality links from pages with good content. We are not interested in links from link directories and neither should you. If your web site has no real page rank yet, please visit this excellent beginners guide to get your first links.

Our return links will normally be to the page that has the link to us, and they will often be placed on other web sites,  when possible from one of our web sites that has a similar topic as your web site.

We are willing to negotiate on any link exchange but, in general, we prefer links on one of your main pages and we don't accept links from automated link farms, gambling sites and porn sites.

If you are happy with our proposal, we'll continue with the link exchange, and if we are happy we may even offer you some more link swaps.

Bonus offer

If you put up a quality reciprocal link to this web site, and offer quality link exchanges to other web masters, we'll again match it with a link in our link exchange directory on this site. Just add a link to:

Quality link exchange

and let us know. Don't bother, however, if your link pages have a significantly lower ranking than your main page. We only plan to list quality link exchanges in our link exchange directory.

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