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Welcome to Ludicrous Jokes and other Humor

We thank you for visiting our new funny jokes web site. We are still developing our site and hope to extend our content on a daily basis. 

If you find you did not laugh at least once during your visit to our site, please visit your doctor immediately. Laughing is good for your health.

We started the development of this humour site with our funny sms text messages page. We believe there is not enough original material on the existing sms sites, they just seem to copy each other. We'll try to be different.

Next we added some tall stories in True or False and some funny facts about marriage, death, exercise and many other issues of life and death.

The latest additions are funny bumper stickers , funny pictures, funny pickup lines, funny T-shirts, and our extensive list of canonical joke lists

If you are looking for more humor sites, please visit our links page. Currently links to humor sites with bloopers and funniest videos are still on our general links page.

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