Canonical lists

Please Notice !!!

A canonical list of jokes often turns out not to be funny or humorous.
Reading lots of jokes is supposed to be extremely funny, 
but the enormous amount of not so funny jokes,
sometimes makes a canonical list a little boring.

The Notice Committee

Canonical list of ...

Answering machine messages

Banjo jokes

Blonde jokes

Bumper stickers

Computer Humor

Condom Jokes

Confucius Say jokes

David Koresh jokes (Branch Davidians jokes)

Dead baby jokes

Dead celebrity jokes (death sucks)

Do it jokes (Accountants do it xxx)

Elephant jokes

Famous Last Words

Fulldeckisms (He's not playing with a full deck)

Improvisor jokes

Lawyer jokes

Light bulb jokes

Mommy mommy jokes

Old * Never Die

Pickup lines

Polish jokes

Pranks and practical jokes

You might be a Redneck jokes

Shit Happens jokes

Steven Wright jokes


Walking into a bar jokes

Weird Band names

Witty insults

Yo Mamma (or Yo Momma) jokes



Insane humor:
I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.

Affordable web hosting

Funny pictures

Blonde Jokes

Bumper stickers

Funny Tshirts

Albert Einstein T-shirts

Internet Bumperstickers

Funny T-shirt slogans

Funny Tshirt sayings

Rude Tshirt quotes

Sticker stores

Lose weight

Funny refrigerator magnets

Need to lose weight

Top 100 Movies

Free downloads

Celebrity pictures

Funny Jokes

Funny pictures

Funny quotes

Funny SMS

Cheap web hosting

Bargain web hosting

Funny tshirts

Bumper stickers

Best shopping deals

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