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On this web site, we hope to provide you with ideas and suggestions for improving your lifestyle to help you look and feel better and live longer. The importance of stress relief and lifestyle became clear to me after a visit to the Gawler foundation, which helps families of cancer victims cope with the illness and and teaches how one can change the nutrition and living conditions of the cancer sufferer to minimize the impact of the cancer. 

While I don't propose that everybody has to become a vegetarian, it is clear that nutrition has an important role to play in reducing the risk of many illnesses. So is stress management. There are many ways to reduce stress. My preferred stress relief is yoga. Easy to learn

Discover Your Diet Personality!

Another source of lifestyle problems is excess weight. Hence, we made a special page on stress free weight loss programs. You can lose weight by calorie counting and other changes to your diet, or you can use natural weight loss products to help you relief the stress of dieting.

When you don't feel well, don't rely on the Internet to diagnose your problems. Visit a doctor. However, traditional medicine is not always the best way to cure or reduce the impact of an illness. Hence, our pointers to alternative medicine.

While this site is still being developed have a look at our extensive links page or try some free health samples.