Family games. Fun games for kids and adults.

Fun games and entertainment for the whole family.

Online games and entertainment

With most families now having broadband Internet access, playing games has become one of the favourite passtimes for the whole family. The most popular family games are the many desktop games, mostly flash games, that you can play online. While they are mostly single player games, they can lead to a fierce competition in the family to get the highest score.

Here are some of my favourites:

While there are many free flash games to keep you occupied for hours, the quality of the games available on subscription sites will, in general, be much better. If you have not done so before, I would advice you to use one of the many trial offers so at least you are aware of what you are missing. And, as a bonus you will get a few free games as well. Get 2 FREE games with a 30 Day Free trial to GamePass

Kids games and other entertainment for kids.

There is more to desktop entertainment than flash games! Flash is extremely suited to short humorous movie clips, what we normally call funny flashes. Kids love these flash funnies as they don't need much skill. But the best entertainment for kids are the many educational games available on the Internet.

Adult games and other entertainment for adults.

Funny flashes are not only popular with kids: Adults love these humurous flash games as well.

Here are some that are still suited for the whole family, but that appeal more to adults:

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