Kytesurfing or Kitesurfing

Although Kytesurfing or Kyteboarding is considered to be the extreme sports version of wind surfing, it is actually much easier to learn, and it is therefore quickly gaining in popularity.

Like with all extreme sports, safety is definitely an issue in kyteboarding. That's why this sport is most often practiced on long stretches of water. A beach with wind parallel to the shore is ideal. More adventurous kiteboarders use bare sections on land or ice and snow. And kiteskiing is now also becoming a rage.

Kitesurfing links

Kitesurfing School
Lots of information including a kitesurfing FAQ.
Big Air Miami
Information, pictures and videos of kiteboarding.
Kitesurfing Hawaii
Lots of technical information about kitesurfing.
Aquilandia kitesurfing
Nice pictures and video clips, but the site is in italian.

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