Extreme Fun with Extreme Sports

Whether it is skateboarding, inline skating, snowboarding, or one of the more extremer sports, such as Moto X, skysurfing and kytesurfing, the popularity of Extreme Sports is still growing. However, I found it difficult to find good web sites with extreme sports information, pictures and resources. Hence, this attempt to create an extensive extreme sports directory.

At the moment we are still concentration on setting up an extreme sports link directory and on creating pages with free extreme sports screen saver downloads. We also are creating a new page with extreme sports video clips. But more is soon to come.

Submit your pictures

We would like to start an archive with free pictures of extreme sports, that webmasters like me can use on their web sites without having to worry about copyright. So if you have any extreme sports pictures that you took yourself and that you would like to put in the public domain, please email me. I am happy to either link to your web site or to give you credit for your pictures on my web sites.


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