BMX Extreme

BMX racing is probably the most professional sport of the extreme sports. There are lots of sponsors for the better BMX riders and lots of big events with both Pro and amateur competitions. Of these BMX events, the X Games is undoubtedly the best known through its extensive coverage on the ESPN action sports network.

Whether you like the street racing, dirt jumping, or the bycicle stunts on the vert ramp, BMX extreme sports is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. In the freestyle BMX world Mat Hoffman is the most well known celebrity. A 10 times world Vert champion his fame expands now the Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX Playstation video game rivals the success of the Tony Hawk's Pro skater game.

I hope you like our BMX extreme directory and our free BMX screen saver downloads. We have also started a new page with video clips of BMX extreme.


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