Australian Music icons Skyhooks.

Skyhooks, is a band that became an Australian icon after their enormous successful recording career in the 70's. Skyhooks still has a lot of fans in Australia as well as overseas in the 90's. Sorry, that we do not have any pictures of Skyhooks yet, but copyright constraints means that it will take a little time before we can put up a few. In the mean time, you can find the official Skyhooks web site here.

Their first album, Living in the Seventies, was a big hit in Australia and stayed number one for several months. It was followed up by an even more successful album, Ego is not a dirty word. Although their local Australian tours were sold out, the Skyhooks trip to the USA to did not succeed in promoting their unique Australian style to the American youth. They did, however, record their third album Straight in a gay gay World which again became a big hit in Australia.

Although Skyhooks is no longer, some of it's members such as Graeme ‘Shirley’ Strachan and Red Simons pursued successful careers on radio and television. In 1991 Shirley died instantly when the helicopter he flew crashed into a mountain. Skyhooks tribute concert was the last time the group played together.

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