Savage Garden

Australian Music Duo Savage Garden.

Savage Garden, aka Daniel Jones and Darren Hayes, started in 1994 as Red Edge by playing covers in pubs . Renamed Savage Garden two years later, their breakthrough came with their first single "I want you" which not only made them famous in Australia but made them a hit all over the world. Their second single "To the moon and back" was equally successful and the third hit single "Truly, Madly, Deeply" further increased their super star status.

Daniel Jones is the introvert half of the duo and is responsible for most of the instrumental aspects of Savage Garden's sound. Daniel was born in Essex, England in 1973, but grew up in Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

Darren Hayes was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1972 and is the lead singer of Savage Garden. Darren writes the lyrics to the Savage Garden songs and performs most of the background vocals as well.

Unfortunately, after 5 years of success the stress became too much and the duo decided to break up in October 2001. Darren is now pursuing a solo career.

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