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Australia, the land Down Under. The smallest continent. A unique place to live and a lovely place to visit.

Not only does Australia have an unique flora and fauna but, more important, Australia also has an unique culture. On the surface, the big cities are like any other international city with a distinct American flavour. Looking more closely, the cultural undertone turns out to be much more British. But, it is only when you get out of the cities that the real Australian culture becomes visible. And, if you avoid the souvenir shops and spend your time visiting the Outback instead, you will also be able to experience the contribution that the original inhabitants of this continent have made to Australia's culture.

Aboriginal civilization may look primitive, but in reality the original inhabitants of Australia have a complex culture going back more than 30.000 years.

Australia is a land of contrasts! Well, with a size comparable to the United States, it should certainly be big enough to expect some variety in landscape. From Uluru in the red centre to the Great Barrier reef, from Kakadu in the Northern Territory to Coober Pedy, there is plenty to boast about. But the real beauty of Australia is its variety of flora and fauna.

From the wild flowers in Perth to the rain forest in Queensland, from the cute koala to the strange platypus, there are so many plants and animals that are unique to Australia. Of course, you may have to go to the zoo, or to a botanical garden, to get a real chance to see many of these species in real life.

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