Australian culture

Australian Music and Australian Super models.

Australian culture is certainly visible in its music. From Slim Dusty to Kylie Minogue, many Australian artists have been successful ambassadors of Australian music. There are many more Australian artists who, although they may not be well known, have build up a steady following overseas. These pages aim to give some more exposure to those Australian artists that do not yet have extensive fan pages on the Internet and give you a taste of how varied Australian music can be.

Well, we had to start somewhere. So our first contributions are music pages about Johnny O'Keefe, the first star of Australian Rock and Roll, and the Skyhooks, a band that became an Australian icon since their success in the mid seventies. To learn more about Johnny O'Keefe or the Skyhooks, just click on their name in the menu at the left. Other Australian groups that have become more famous outside Australia are Savage Garden, the Bee Gees and Yothu Yindu.

We'll try to add some more artists soon and we plan to cover a wide range, from Australian folk music via country and western to rock and roll. If you would like to suggest an artist that urgently needs a fan page, let us know.

Although maybe not so much a typical example of our culture, Australian Supermodels are still amongst the most beautiful and successful models in the world. From Elle Macpherson to Megan Gale, from Sarah O'Hare to Jodie Meares, Australian models can be found on the front page of magazines and on the catwalks of fashion.