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How you can add your url.

Provide a quality link that produces traffic first!

Adding your url to as many other web sites as possible is an important traffic generation strategy. But you need to provide quality links to get quality links! And most link requests that I get nowadays are simply not worth the effort. So, unless your site is a charity site or otherwise related to our theme "Practice random acts of kindness", the chance that I will react to a link exchange request is small. Most are caught in my junk mail filter anyway, so if you want my attention please mention the topic of your site in the subject line of your link echange email. The best way to get my attention, however, is to send me traffic.

Support your favorite charity

If you provide a quality link to support this site, I will be more than happy to provide a link to your favourite charity web site, instead of linking back to your site. That way you can perform a random act of kindness for both my site and your charity's site. Consider paying it forward!

We will consider linking back

Obviously, we will not accept links from adult pages and other unsuitable sites, including gambling sites.

If you want a more visible link on any of our major web pages, we'll be happy to evaluate your web site. Just put up your link to one of our web sites hosted here with a reasonable link text, and let us know on which of our pages you would like us to put your return link.  I'll then wait to see if the link generates any traffic before I respond to your request. You don't need to have a high traffic site, to get a good return link. If you have a interesting web site with good content, we'll be happy to send you some of our traffic in return for your traffic.

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